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The Loyola Art Show | Sponsored by Joe Bullard

Maggie Stickney

Maggie Stickney

The focus of Maggie Stickney's art is capturing the edge of light, capturing its essence in landscapes, skyscapes, and still lifes. Her passion lies in the endless exploration of color and light within the realm of landscapes. Maggie finds herself irresistibly drawn to light, whether it's the interplay of highlights and shadows, the enchanting hues of dusk, or the tranquil shores. Her work delves into non-traditional color relationships, deciphering the intricate connections and disconnections between highlight and shadow.

Maggie's art is a tribute to the beauty found in the ordinary, a celebration of the fleeting joys of motherhood and the little artifacts that define our daily lives. She creates snapshots of the passing moments, either from life or photos, drawn to the ever-changing light, the relentless march of time, and the charming simplicity of her life as a mother to three wonderful girls.



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