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The Loyola Art Show- A Gulf Coast Art Experience

Kelley Ogburn

Kelley Ogburn

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Kelley Beville Ogburn grew up exploring and creating. A fastidious student throughout her life, she studied both art and design in college, earning her BFA from Auburn University in 2001. After over a decade in the design industry, she found herself transitioning back to her first love, creating artwork with her hands.

Over the years, her curiosity has never ceased, and her work follows her need to learn. Always the student, tactile exploration of her subject drives Kelley’s desire to create. Her favorite subject matters are the human form and natural elements. She observes these daily, always seeking ways to convey them differently. Whether through technique, composition, or color combinations, Kelley continues to excite and intrigue her audience through her explorations. She takes them on this journey with her, keeping them curious as to what might come next.

Daphne, AL



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