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The Loyola Art Show- A Gulf Coast Art Experience

Christy Holmes

Christy Holmes

Christy is a full-time mixed media artist from Atlanta, Georgia and is currently working out of her studio at the Urban Art Collective in Chamblee, Georgia. Her primary medium is mixed media painting and her pieces are influenced by color, patterns, and mark-making. She loves to scrape, carve, and add and subtract to her work.

Christy is inspired by everyday moments and scenery around her- whether it is the majestic skyline of her hometown, travels or the simplicity of a still life - there is beauty in it all. Even though she likes to mix it up, she tends to be drawn to a soothing palette of neutrals, blues, and earthy browns -to create compositions that are light and peaceful in nature.

Most of her work is very layered. She enjoys using a variety of found materials such as fragments of from vintage books, maps, papers, and letters to create the background to her pieces. Usually, she applies these often random scraps and an abstract layer of paint before she begins to work on the subject matter. It is always a surprise to see what elements remain and what gets layered in paint. That’s where the magic happens.

While Christy's work is constantly evolving, one of her most popular series is her mixed media landscapes and cityscapes. She especially loves painting the skyline because it brings her a sense of community and connection. We all have different lives and memories - the view may be the same, but the meaning we attach to our landscape is very personal and unique.

Atlanta, GA



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