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The Loyola Art Show- A Gulf Coast Art Experience

Caleigh Parsons

Caleigh Parsons

Caleigh's art is described by others in many ways: playful, fun, whimsical, creepy.

She creates art for those who like to imagine a story; for those who appreciate small nuances, like an unexpected mark or a color that clashes (in the best kind of way); and for those who want to FEEL something when they look at it. 

She uses acrylic paint, oil pastels, textured paper, and modeling paste to create images formed from layers and texture applied to both canvas and board, frequently framed with vintage and upcycled frames.

Her first layer is always composed of unexpected color combinations. She applies with energy and allows those colors to lead to the next step. Caleigh then creates boundaries to contain and enhance the color and give herself something to respond to.

Dothan, AL



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